North South Productions - NSP - was established in 1996 by Eric Gukelberger. Eric's vast knowledge of the international advertising industry has empowered North South Productions to produce high-end photo and film campaigns for multinational companies.

TV Producer Annette Roeskau, is a highly experienced European advertising professional and heads up the NSP Commercial Division. Having produced high profile TV campaigns, in-house corporate commercials and everything in-between. Annette's expertise is evident in everything she does.

The combination of international experience and local knowledge positions NSP as your one-stop destination of choice for both film and photo productions. Our skill and craft guarantees a seamless experience every time you produce with us. Well-established supplier relationships enable us to provide competitive quotes suited to the financial constraints of your budget.

We speak English, German and French fluently. We've trekked through Malawi & turned Johannesburg into New York City for a stills campaign. We've discovered dark, eerie terrain & enlisted tight security for new car shoots. We’ve cast from New York to Paris, conceptualised SFX for a multinational beauty brand and taken a glider to the sky for a fragrance commercial. We’ve made shower-heads work on the most beautifull of the Seychelles, wrangled 6 African elephants for a magazine shoot & managed a 120 people on stills set. We’ve shot with the most prestigious fashion magazine in the world in Namibia, handled 14 back-to-back advertising productions for one client & built numerous sets for advertising and fashion campaigns.

We make it happen for you - on time, every time and within budget.